Good Afternoon, The Interim Administration has been making excellent progress towards the stability and rules of order for this new wikia to function. Not even a week ago, this wikia was still suffering from massive vandalism with most people having completely given up hope on having our own community. No more, now we have our wikia designed and ran by the people who worked on it. We have re-implemented the rules of order starting today.

We will begin transitioning towards a normal community operation hopefully by January 1. In the aftermath of the previous events which occured on the wikia, there will be substantial changes with regards to this process. On that date, the interim government will become the official administration for the wikia, with bureaucrat-appointed terms of one year.

The path for us all now is clear. We have organization, we have rules of order, we are quickly growing in size, and soon we will have fundamental bonds of community if we forge onward. Let us not mince words, many of us come from previous roblox film and television communities where freedom of expression is not tolerated, where people are exploited for their usefulness and not their individuality, where group wrong-think is punishable by social ostrachizement, and ultimately where the leaders of those communities have so entrenched themselves into the lives of everyone around them that it seems there is no hope to enjoying the art of film and television without their approval.

No more, this wikia will not punish expression, we will not enforce moral codes from other communities onto our own people, we won't stand by and watch as our own community members are attacked for illegitimate reasons. You don't have to fear your content being berated for not adhering to social codes, you don't have to fear community leaders threatening action against you for what you know is morally right, you won't have to worry about your pages deleted and your account being banned for no justifiable reason, and finally you no longer have to worry about the opinions of critics and cynics who only seek to demoralize you. This community is constructive, not destructive, and it will be that way so long as well all are in this together.

That is how it should have always been, but it's a shame it rarely ever was. We seek no harm onto the other community wikias, we only wish to be free and independent from their control. They will agree to these demands, as they have already demonstrated. For any of you who are on the other communities, yet seek to be free from their control, we offer you refuge here, and we will all be honored that you decided to come.

This is all for now, let's continue the path forward.