Good Evening Everyone,

After months of silence, crippling vandalism, abdication of the people put in charge of this wikia, a revolution has finally came. The supreme powers of the wikia had so decided to return me back in control of this wiki community. Now it is time that I reveal what exactly happened which had caused this great turmoil in the community, steps we will be taking to recreate this wiki, and finally the path forward which we will follow.

What Happened

The wikia was founded for one explicit purpose: Provide a community with members who were kicked out, banned, and isolated from the other Roblox film and television wikias. We had started to grow pages and contributing members after a short interim administrative group had taken over the development process. However, I knew in order to be true to our values, we had to have elections for the people to decide their leaders. So we did, and subseqeuntly a few new people had been elected to position. In this case, BenIsLegit was thought to be responsible enough to take over the wiki and guide it into a better direction.

However, BenIsLegit had other ideas and sabotaged the wikia on behalf of people from another community, Robloxiwood. So threatened, so triggered, and so freightened of the idea that people would choose to leave their community rather than suffer under their incompentant leadership, they had to destroy this project and for a short time they did, mocking me and many others in the process. However, their own hubris destroyed them, we now know Robloxiwood was killed by the very people who had claimed to protect it, exploiting it for their own selfishness and narcissistic egos. Then, an earthquake hit, the Robloxiwood wiki was to be shut down and moved over to another community which would be fully in their control. They have not yet made this transition although they have killed Robloxiwood for now.

This was the time to act. I made sure to go through the process to reclaim the wikia as fast as I could. I have succeeded with the help of many friends in high places. Now the people have taken their community back and I offer this call to arms to anyone listening who has been targeted by the corrupt egomaniacs running Robloxiwood or RobloxTV: Join us here, take back your freedom, and have your community back again.

What Will Happen Next

As of this blog post. I am assuming all power and total control over this wiki. In the following days and weeks, I will be instituting a purge of all the corrupt members who had infected the community after Ben took power. Heads must role, and people must pay for their actions against this community. All rules and policies previously created will be suspended as I continue to secure the security of this wiki to the best of my ability.

However, after a couple weeks, I will announce the formation of a new transitional adminsitrative group, members who will be in charge over restoring order and control over this wiki. We will re-examine the rules and administrative guidelines, article requirements, article formatting, and overall wikia functions.

After we have secured the stability and security of the wiki, we will plan to have some form of elections to fit in with the new system we create. The actions that happened under the leadership of Ben can never be allowed to happen again and we will work to make sure it never will.

What We Plan Moving Forward

With the death of Robloxiwood and the increasingly elitist RobloxTV wikias, the plan will be for this wiki to not only exist as a wikia website but as a third, new ROBLOX machinima community. This will be the new center of Roblox video and television creation. None of this will happen overnight, or perhaps for years. The first step is to establish this wikia as a fundamentally new and more free place of refuge for the persecuted, and targeted.

The people are in control of this wikia once again and I, as the soverign bureaucrat, will enact the will of the community. So help me God.