TMF Updates: No. 1

Major announcements will be posted under the TMF Updates series.

On February 22, 2017, ROBLOX terminated the TMF Roblox film group and also banned my account. I have been offline for several weeks on a hiatus and was only made aware of this when I decided to check on important company updates. This has jump started a series of reforms that need to be enacted in order to bring about stability to the company. Certainly not the first time we've had major ups and downs, however, careful strategic planning was desperately needed following the very delayed release of The Innovation.

The wikia community on the Robloxiwood wiki has banned any presence of TMF or my Roblox's accounts. While this wikia isn't particularly active, this is more beneficial to ensuring every individual who uses this wikia has very tight control over the articles released here. OCD is an epidemic in machinima communities and this alleviates that problem substantially.

The TMF group had previously voted to push PayDay² as the next film our group was to produce. With the hiatus, this project was delayed until I was ready to commit the time and energy to make the project. Now that the TMF group is shut down, I have pulled the project completely and went back to the strategic planning that I had layed out to determine it's future.

Moving Forward

The Mafia Films, for the foreseeable future, is a 1-director led company where each and every decision is made by me. That means I wield very strong unchecked influence over the direction of the company. All of our past strategic errors were accountable to decisions I had made. Attempts to delegate tasks have been severely crippled by a lack of dedicated employees. Partnerships have spread responsibilities but have little impact on this centralized structure. With this in mind, The Mafia Films will only be a one-employee corporation. We will have no official actors, writers, or other stakeholders in our organization. Instead we will delegate tasks to external filming companies and draw our actors by a case-by-case basis.

More importantly is our film library. Our YouTube channel is currently active, however, the videos are disorganized. There is nothing we can do short of deleting and re-uploading videos to correct this issue. Instead, organizing our future projects will have to come with the subsequent release of future videos. We have a playlist that is in the correct creation order to alleviate these issues as well as creation dates on those video titles.

The merging of The Neo-Avant Institution and TMF was a decision that has led to some unforeseen issues. While our company is now more centralized, our video projects now have major issues. For example, we decided no TMF film project or idea directed by DonCurrency should be rebooted and no films pre-NAI should be given sequels. This is due to the difficulties of securing projects and the inevitable flood of ideas that clog up and confuse rather than inspire future film projects. OCD is truly an epidemic. However, PayDay² was approved by a vote and film projects were floated that originally were made by DonCurrency or were old projects that were never completed under his reign. To get our film library organized and put in place properly, I have a series of reforms that will be enacted:

  1. No project will be a sequel to a project that was released by DonCurrency or CosimoValuta.
  2. No project will be developed whose title is overly complex. If a project has a long title, it must be shortened to under 5 words.
  3. No project will use 2.0 bodies. Only 1.0 and special bodies can be used for projects.
  4. Any project that is greenlighted for a sequel must be developed into a trilogy. This prevents excessive film sequel ideas from piling up.
  5. No project will be released onto our channel if it does not meet a quality standard. This prevents joke videos from being uploaded.
  6. Every film will at least 2 trailer videos, but no more than 3 trailers. Every other video project should only have 1 trailer.
  7. Every project will have at least 1 poster, preferrably 3 for variety.
  8. All companies who work on a film, and all actors who act in it, will be accredited properly on the film, poster, and wikia pages.
  9. If DonValuta does not log into Roblox within 3 days, an immediate hiatus will be declared and all productions will be shut down temporarily.
  10. Every decision that DonValuta makes will not be "official" until an announcement is made to Twitter. With the deletion of our ROBLOX Group, all official announcements and filming times will be organized over Twitter. (If Twitter is deleted, then an announcement must be made over the ROBLOX Status Updates and what will happen moving forward.)

These decisions should ensure moving forward our company is running properly.


PayDay² was pulled from production following the deletion of the TMF group. After careful considerations, PayDay² will no longer be a sequel to the original PayDay For You and Me. Instead, PayDay² will be an official reboot. PayDay² will remain the working title unless I decide I like another title better.

The plot will still revolve around the aftermath of Simon Viklund's murder and imprisonment of one of his news directors. The inclusion of this backstory will be a new essential piece of this film. The film will undergo emergency rewrites that, frankly, the script needed badly. If the project cannot be salvaged, TMF will drop everything and move on to another video project.

The vote the TMF group was binding, however, in the event I decide to drop PayDay², I will hold a vote to invalidate the previous results. Since I am the only employee, it is highly likely that motion will pass. More events concerning PayDay² will be posted via Twitter @TheMafiaFilms.