Hello Everyone,

The ROBLOX Film & Television Industry Wikia is a new experiment in Roblox collaboration. This wikia was created in order to harbor the free movement of speech, ideas, and community discussion between the traditional Roblox film industry, ROBLOXiwood, and the Roblox Television Industry, RTV. Users who go onto this wikia will find themselves with the tools needed to collaborate in a productive, efficient, and constructive way. Our wikia community was built to provide accountability but, above all, a sense of belonging.

Previous attempts at centralized industry wikias have resulted in corruption, censorship, and general unhappyness. This wikia aims to never repeat the mistakes of those communities and instead dedicates itself to the benefit of the users. Happyness, ease-of-use, and user empowerment guide the principles of this community. This wikia has elections, this wikia has systems for community input and decision-making, this wikia has simplified webpages, and this wikia reject the characterization of being a database, but instead a collaborative platform for members to share their works with one another.

We have a lot of work to do moving forward, such as what features we want to distinguish ourselves, how we reconcile with conflict of interests, and how we work together to ensure the wikia is protected from the people who corrupted the older communities and those in the future who may seek to. An interim administration is being assembled to solidify the foundations of this community, including visual media, articles, and category organizations.

This wikia invites anyone who was removed or excommunicated from the other communities into our own. This is our collective wikia community, beholden to only our will. There are no rules against user content, user speech, or user debate. This wikia will continue to improve the rights of all users and ensure that every user has the potential to be self-sufficient at all times. We even encourage cross-wikia collaboration, which means that a user can choose to make an entire wikia to their own company if they so choose.

Read our Wikia Rules here: