Hello Everyone,

This wikia strives to be a community-centered and community powered website. Every six months, the wikia will hold elections for all 4 of the main administrator positions. There is a poll on the front page of the wikia that all members may vote on.

These are the administrator positions:

  1. Founder: The founder of the wikia. In and of itself a powerless title, can be removed by an administration vote. (Unelected)
  2. Bureaucrat: The leader of the administration. This position is in charge of keeping administrator in line and has the power to remove them.
  3. Site Administrator: Administrators responsible for controlling bans and listening to user concerns, as well as technical wikia support.
  4. Rollback & Content Moderator: Administrators responsible for keeping the wikia pages formatted and the front page updated.
  5. Discussion & Chat Moderator: Administrators responsible for moderating content on pages, in the forum, and on the chatboard.

Elections will be held January 5-7. there will be 4 polls for each category on the front page. If a person wants to run for a position, they may contact me directly or PM my Roblox account and we will add them. No submissions may occur after January 4.

The transfer of power works this way, the previous administration's bureaucrat promotes all of the newely elected administrators to their positions. From there, he unadmins the old administration. He then proceeds to bureaucrat the newely elected bureaucrat and unbureaucrat's himself.

The interim administration is very thankful of the opportunity to set up our community foundations. For those of us who do not run, we will continue to be model users and keep our community wikia active.