ZZR Studios (ZZROBLOX'S Studios) is a ROBLOX movie studio created by Ultrazz.


  • ZZR Studios (ZZR) has filmed and produced over 30 completed films, series and shorts.
  • ZZR has received over 550,000 views on YouTube, for all 33 films and series.
  • ZZR is the founding studio of Robloxiwood.
  • ZZR Studios is named after founder Ultrazz. ZZ stands for Ultrazz's initials, and R stands for Roblox.
  • ZZR Studios was one of the first 100 Groups made on Roblox.
  • ZZR Studios originated in the forums.
  • ZZR Studios came up with over 100 films.
  • Roblox Hardest Mysterious Murder (RE Studios) and Late Night at the Iron Cafe (ZZR Studios) feature retro ZZR Logos.
  • ZZR Magazine
  • The Movie Bloxxer Awards


ZZR Studios was established in 2009.